Dianne Apen-Sadler

It's all thanks to a codeshare agreement with Kenya Airways

The stylish 271-room hotel will have five restaurants, an outdoor pool and its own marina

The collection features the five turtles that visit Omani beaches

Holding your phone while talking on loudspeaker is also banned

The application takes less than an hour to complete

The boujie development on Qantab beach is home to just 435 residential units

It's the first time online grocery shopping has been offered in Oman

OMAN by UTMB will see youngsters aged six and above run through the Al Hajar mountain region

The route offers jaw-dropping sea and mountain views

You'll be able to play YouTube ad-free and in the background for a  fee

Last year's event saw 115 films play throughout the week

The British company will become the third mobile phone operator in the Sultanate

Need to get away from the city? Here's our guide

There are three performances planned this month

The Sultanate also took the top spot for safety and security

Enjoy sunrise hikes and yoga all weekend