Dianne Apen-Sadler

What is the Sultanate known for?

The market has been closed for three months

You can watch Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte online

You can get a one-month membership for OMR99

Those under 12 or above 60 years old cannot visit the mall

Mountains and plains have turned green thanks to the wet weather

There will be personal sanitising devices at the terminal

The idea is part of a number of projects to attract more tourists

You’ll be able to get your favourite dishes delivered straight to your door

Rooms will need to stay vacant for 24 hours after a guest checks out for sterilisation

It’s aimed at those who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic

You can now head out on a boat trip - if you follow these rules

Immune plasma has been used as a supportive treatment in some cases

The precautionary measure is to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

There is also a new bus service to take passengers to testing centres