Healthcare in Muscat for expats

Everything you need to know about getting coverage in Oman

Healthcare in Muscat for expats

Although Omanis and other GCC citizens get free public healthcare, this right does not extend to expats.

While there are plans to make providing private healthcare compulsory for those hiring expat workers, they are not due to be enacted until mid-2020, or even later.

Before agreeing to move to the Sultanate, you should consult with your employer whether or not they provide any medical insurance, and what exactly is covered by that.

Pharmacies and health care centres
As in other countries, if your illness does not need immediate treatment you will need to visit a GP to either get a prescription or a referral to a hospital. Medical bills need to be paid immediately so you may find yourself stumping up a huge chunk of cash if you don’t have insurance. There are pharmacies all over Muscat, and many of them will be open 24 hours.

The only time you will be allowed treatment in a public hospital in Oman is in an emergency, or if a private hospital cannot treat you. In this case you will most likely need to make your own way to the hospital, as the police will only organise transport in extreme cases such as car accidents.

There are a number of private hospitals dotted about Muscat, and you should always do your research before visiting one as the price of treatment and staying in a hospital can vary dramatically.

Health insurance
If your company does not have any private health coverage, you most get your own to make sure you don’t find yourself racking up huge bills every time you get sick. You can choose a local provider, or choose a global brand like BUPA or AXA.

Dental treatment can also be quite expensive, so make sure you check whether or not it is covered in your plan.

As always, read through everything, and make sure you compare lots of plans before making your decision.

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