Ramadan 2020 to start on April 25 in Oman

The Moon Sighting Committee has confirmed

Ramadan 2020 to start on April 25 in Oman

The official Ramadan 2020 dates have just been announced for Oman.

Ramadan will start on Saturday (April 25) and Eid Al-Fitr is expected to fall on May 25.

Each year, the start and end of Ramadan are announced following observations by religious experts.

They are subject to change as they are determined by the sighting of a new moon.

Ramadan is an important time in the Islamic Calendar, when Muslims fast (also known as sawm) from sunrise to sunset for approximately 30 days. Doing so is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Working hours will be reduced during Ramadan and the school day is generally shortened to five hours, even when distance learning.

For more detailed advice on Ramadan etiquette, have a read of our Ramadan guide. For more information on Ramadan in Muscat, click here.

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